How To Order a Pizza Online

Pizza has always been the favorite comfort food of so many. Plus, it's a very easy main course to include at all sorts of celebrations. Recently, many pizza companies have decided to allow you to order pizza from them via the Internet. If you're tired of ordering pizza over the phone, use these tips to order pizza on the Web.

  1. Type in your favorite pizzeria. Take Yahoo or Google in finding the Web site of your favorite pizzeria. For instance, type in Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza or Papa John's Pizza. Take note that some pizzerias have branches or franchises in your city or town. It is better to search for your favorite pizzeria along with your location. Also make sure that your preferred pizzeria accepts orders online and delivery.
  2. Sign up. Once you find your desired pizzeria, sign up on their Web site. Usually this needs your user name and password. Take note that every pizza Web site may vary, some do not need you to log in to their Web site. Type in basic information such as your name, complete address and contact details. Follow instructions for other needed information. This will serve as your account on their Web site for further transactions. Valued customers may receive special deals and promos.
  3. Log in. After signing up, log in to your account. The menu will appear on the screen shortly.
  4. Make your order. Choose your foods by clicking the name/box of the desired order. Choice of pizza or boxes of pizzas, toppings, drinks, house specials, Italian gourmet and additional orders. Orders will then be placed in an order corner together with the amount.
  5. Pay for your food. After ordering, the mode of payment will then be asked, whether in cash, credit card or PayPal. You will then be asked if it is a carry out order or take out.
  6. Confirm your order. The system will then ask for the confirmation of the orders. Most likely, this confirmation page should be printed as a temporary receipt to be presented to the branch or the person in charge for the delivery. Some of the online Web sites provide expected time of food delivery.

Pizza will always be the universal food that works for all times. It is the perfect food to bring to parties and gatherings.


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