How To Order Books Online

A good book doesn’t have to be hard to find.  Not everyone has the time to scan through endless shelves at the library and bookstore, and it can be difficult to know where to start if you haven’t read in a while.  Even if you aren’t familiar with today’s popular authors, it doesn’t mean you have to be a stranger to great literature.  Learn to shop for books online and you will find your next great read in no time.

  1. A quick online search can lead you to various websites that sell books.  For the widest range of titles, old and new, you can head straight to sites like and  Once you find a suitable website, type in the title or author of the book to get a list of search results.  In most cases, the most relevant results will appear first.  Select the desired titles and you will see additional details, such as the edition, the publisher, and whether or not the book is currently available.  Add your book to your website Shopping Cart when you’re ready to buy it.
  2. If you don’t have a specific book or author in mind, take advantage of the site’s categories and filters to find titles that interest you.  You can usually narrow the search by genre, subject matter, new, used, or out-of-print, price range, and format.  The Barnes and Noble search tool even allows you to pair more specific keywords, such as “vampires” and “historical,” to get better results.  When you find a book that looks interesting, click on it and read the site’s summary descriptions for more information.
  3. After you find a book you like, keep shopping for similar stories by looking at the recommendations suggested on the page.  Many sites continue to offer recommendations if you register as a member, so keep that in mind the next time you’re in need of a good book.  You can also luck out with an inexpensive buy if you look around for special bargain books.
  4. If you find books you like, it’s time to finalize the details.  Make sure it is offered in the format you need, whether hardcover, paperback, or electronic.  If you are shopping on a site that offers the product from various vendors, view all of the offers and make price comparisons before you buy.  When you’re ready to proceed, add all books to your cart and click on the cart icon to pay for them.
  5. Follow the site directions for purchasing the books.  Type in your payment information, billing address, and shipping address.  Check your order again to be sure that all information is correct, and then submit the order.  You will receive a confirmation in your email with all order details, shipping date, and support information should you require assistance.  The only left to do is wait for your package to arrive.



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