How To Prepare a CD Master for CD Duplication

Compact Discs were initially developed for audio data, but they also have the ability to store all types of digital data, making it an effective digital data storage medium. All over the world, in homes and offices, the Compact Disc or CD has become a versatile storage space that is both efficient and portable. Individuals and or companies frequently need to store and duplicate various amounts of data to either share, present or sell to others. But before any of this data is duplicated, it has to be processed into the final and master source to be duplicated. The master CD has to be a reliable source before it is duplicated to ensure that the volumes of duplicate data CDs will be presented the same way that it was intended.

1. Determine the final data.

Process all the data in their proper format and test them before burning to the master disc. Save the data on your hard disk first to keep a back up copy of it. Make sure to label your data clearly with a name you and anyone else can recognize. Complete additional information within its properties listing so other people can have access to this information to know what format the data was saved in and what programs can open the data. Test your data to make sure it displays and runs properly.

2. Find the best CD type or brand to save your final data on.

For the purpose of making a master CD you’ll want to purchase the best CD you can get on the market. Skimping on this part of the process may not be a good idea, as you may get a cheap quality CD to save your final data on just to find out it is defective and you’ll have to repeat the process, or that you didn’t get a clean burn on the CD and it has corrupted your data. Most of the cheap CDs out there won’t hold your data for very long, so do be sure to get a high quality brand CD to use as a master disc.

3. Take proper steps when you burn your data to the master disc.

Burn your final data from your hard disk and not from any other device connected to your computer. The other devices may be unstable and you may end up with corrupted data. If you have to burn your final data from a laptop, make sure the power cord is connected, because the burning process may be affected by the unstable power from the batteries. Make sure to turn off all other programs that are running before attempting to burn your final data, as it could affect the burning speed. Avoid physical movement on your CPU to prevent skips. Burn the data on a slow speed to get a quality burn.

4. Test the master disc.

The duplication process will take data from your master disc as the only source. Before sending out the master disc for duplication, test if your data will execute and display itself as intended.

The master CD has to be of high quality if you want the duplication results to equally have the same quality.


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