How To Protect Your Computer from Popups and Spyware

Surfing the net is a very enjoyable activity.  However, things like popups and spyware can make your experience less than perfect.

Popups are ads that show up without your consent whenever you visit a site or click on a link.  These can take up your time and can be very irritating most especially if you are in the middle of doing a task.  These pop-ups can contain viruses and links to questionable sites.

Spywares are software installed on your system without your knowledge and these keep track of valuable information like surfing habits, keystrokes, even password and log-in details.  These could also slow down Internet speed, change your settings, and give remote access to your computer.

So, how do you make your computer safe from these annoyances? Here are a few tips.

Look where you’re going.  If you entered a site that looks suspicious, chances are there are malicious programs embedded in it.  Examples of these kinds of sites are porn sites, illegal download sites, and sites that advertise illegal or naughty products.  You would recognize these kinds of sites by the flashy items and the many items designed to catch your attention.  Beware, however, the simple site which looks oh-so-innocent.  Chances are that spyware are hidden among the seemingly helpful links, too.

Read, read, read.  Before clicking on anything, read what it says.  Know what a program will do before downloading it to your hard drive.  Try not to rush and read the User’s Agreement. By neglecting this, you might not know that you are about to install spyware.

Be careful where you click.  Clicking on pictures and links on websites or popups may activate spyware.  If you happen to see a popup, don’t close it by clicking on the options presented, like OK or Cancel.  It is possible that by clicking this, you may unknowingly download a computer program which you don’t want to be installed.  You could outwit this kind of strategy by clicking on the X at the right hand portion of the box.  Or, you could choose to close this through Windows Task Manager by right clicking on the process that pertains to the ad and selecting close. 

Scan your computer.  There are a lot of software ]designed to handle popups and spywares.  A lot these are for free and they may be downloaded from the Internet.  This way, you would keep your computer clean from these malicious objects.

Use a firewall.  Installing a firewall, or a computer program that protects your computer files from other users, can help filter out popups and spywares.  You could also make use of antivirus programs, as these sometimes come with built-in firewalls.  Also, clear out your Internet cookies regularly.  These are small data files saved by your browser whenever you visit a site.  These could contain hidden code that can record information about you and send it to someone else.  You may delete these cookies by clicking on Internet options on your toolbar, selecting privacy settings, and clicking on delete cookies.

Popups and spyware are everywhere. That is why it is important to keep these in mind as you surf the web.  This way, you could enhance your surfing pleasure while keeping your computer safe from harm.


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