How To Put Your Desktop Computer to Sleep

Sleep is a great feature on computers that allows the computer to be put into a state of stand by, and consume very little power and can keep you work relatively safe. Let's first talk about what sleep mode is. It can go by different names, such as Stand By (Microsoft Windows), Sleep (Mac), and Suspend (Linux). Generally, they all follow the same procedure of shutting down all hardware and applications that are not absolutely needed. Usually, this includes the Drives, CPU, Fans and lights. Your work is temporarily saved, and the computer is otherwise shut down.

It can be very useful to use the sleep function if you feel that youll be away from your computer for a duration of time, but know you'll be back. Starting up and shutting down a computer over and over can be time consuming, so it can be quicker to just put the computer into a sleep mode.

Step 1

First, let's talk about the different sorts of sleep modes and how they differ.

  • Sleep mode. The computer saves all data on the RAM, and otherwise turns off everything else, such as drives, video/sound cards, monitor, lights, and so on.
    The computer draws very little power, just enough to keep the RAM active.
  • Hibernate. Hybernation takes a snap shot of your RAM (all your active data and processes) and saves it onto your hard drive. The computer then shuts itself down, but will quickly restart back to the "snap shot" saved on your hard drive. Hibernation does not draw any power because the saved image is a physical image.
  • Shut Down. Shut down ends all processes and deletes all data, shuting itself down completely. The computer draws no power and must be completly restarted.

Step 2

If you're using Vista, you can simply click on the start button, click on the arrow next to the 'lock' button, and select the 'Sleep' feature.

Earlier version of Windows can select the shutdown button. Then, when the window comes up, click the arrow to show the drop down menu and and select 'Hybernate' or 'Stand by.' 

If you're using Apple OSX, click on the apple menu button and select 'sleep.'

These are the best and simplest ways to put a computer into sleep mode.

Step 3

In your control panel, under 'Power options' you can modify your sleep and hibernate options to suit your needs.


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