How To Remove Clutter from a Hard Drive

Periodic removal of clutter from a hard drive is essential to make sure that all unwanted or unnecessary files do not eat up the computer's speed. To make sure that you get to safely do this, simply follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Back up all of your important data first before erasing it. Before even attempting to remove or erase files from your personal computer, it is important that you identify those that are of importance which you may need later on. Have all of these important files copied onto quality DVDs to make sure that your files are protected. Another option would be to store these rarely accessed files onto a stand alone hard drive if you own one. Still another option is to store these important files onto an online storage system. Some can be had for free while others will require that you pay a minimal amount for annual subscriptions. 
  2. Identify which files or folders need to be erased from your computer. After you've successfully backed up needed files, you can now have them erased from your computer. First, identify those files or folders that contain data you no longer need. These files or folders may contain Word documents, digital videos, music or photographs. If your personal computer runs on the Windows operating system, then simply drag the folder icons of those files you want to have eradicated into the Recycle Bin typically found on the desktop. If what you own is a Macintosh computer, then drag the unwanted folder's icon into the Trash Bin.
  3. Make sure that all of the unwanted or unnecessary files are completely removed. After dragging unneeded files or folders into the Recycle or Trash Bins, then make sure that you empty them completely afterwards. On a Windows-run PC, simply right click the Recycle Bin icon for a drop down menu to pop up. Select the command Empty Recycle Bin from the list by clicking on it once. For Macintosh-run computers, right clicking on the Trash Bin icon will result in a context menu to appear. Simply choose Empty Trash from the list to fully empty the bin.
  4. Take out unnecessary software programs. Identify the software programs that you no longer need. Access the Control Panel on Windows-run PC by clicking on the Start button. Afterwards, look for the Add or Remove Programs icon on the Control Panel window. You will then see a rundown of programs installed on your computer on the Currently installed programs: portion. Highlight the programs you wish to take out and click on the Remove button. Click on Yes if ever you are prompted by the program to confirm the removal only if you are certain that you indeed want it taken out from your PC's memory.

Not only will the computer become more efficient after removing clutter on your hard drive, but doing so will organize your computer storage system to help you locate files or folders much quicker.


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