How To Repair a Warped CD

Warped CDs are a common occurrence, especially for those who do not take extra care in storing them. Aside from the fact that wrong storage practices will get the CDs scratched and nicked, they also tend to warp in time. This is especially true if you place the CDs unprotected in warm places such as near the television. Here are some steps you can take to repair a warped CD.

  1. Assess how bad the damage is on your CDs. CD players read the data embedded underneath the CD. When the base of the CDs gets scratched or nicked, they do not play as smoothly as when you first bought them. Before you attempt any extreme steps to repair your favorite CDs, assess how badly they are damaged first. This is so you will be able to perform the most suitable steps according to the damage to the material.
  2. Clean your CDs smooth. Have a lint free microfibre cloth handy for this procedure. Also, acquire a bottle of the strongest solution of isopropyl alcohol you can find. If you can buy 99% isopropyl alcohol from your local pharmacy, then by all means do so. Wiping the CDs with a cleaning agent that quickly evaporates not only avoids any possible damage to the CDs, but guarantees that no residues are left as well. Once you have these materials ready, then you can gather all of the CDs you want to restore. Moisten the lint free microfibre cloth with the isopropyl alcohol and wipe it both on the top and on the bottom of the CD. Make sure that dirt and grime are erased from the surface of the CD when you do so.
  3. Try compressing the warped CDs in between two flat surfaces. Warped CDs can be repaired by squashing them in between two flat surfaces. Your best bet would be to compress the CDs by placing them within two separate glass pieces. But before you do so, make sure that there is no dirt or grime on the surfaces of the CD. Also, place the glass pieces with the CD on a level and stable area. Put pressure on these glass pieces by placing stacks of large yellow pages on top. You can check on this again after about three days.

Proper storage is still the key to keeping your CDs in their best shape. Aside from the fact that you will get to use them longer, you no longer need to resort to extreme repair measures. Bear in mind that warped CDs not only cost you irritation but money as well. Constantly putting warped CDs into your CD player will most likely get the machine busted even before its warranty is up.


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