How To Replace Your Laptop Battery

All things grow old no matter what, and so does your laptop battery. You may notice that computer batteries, and cellphone and iPod batteries, take longer to charge when they get older, and some even have their charge completely drained sooner than expected. In this case replacing your battery is necessary. Here are the steps in replacing your old laptop battery with a fresh and new one.

  1. Purchase a compatible battery. You can refer to the laptop’s manual or just jot down the model of the old battery indicated.
  2. Ready your new battery and owner’s manual. Open your newly purchased battery and place it near your laptop so as to hasten the job. Also put your laptop’s manual within reach for guided reference.
  3. Save the pertinent files and programs that are open. When you are doing something or playing a game while changing the battery, don’t forget to save it just in case an unexpected thing will happen. Removing the battery will not turn off your laptop, so don’t worry. Nonetheless, it is still advisable to change your battery while it is off.
  4. Plug your laptop into the AC socket. Connect the laptop charger to the laptop and jack the laptop adapter to the socket. This is to maintain power in the laptop, or else your laptop would suddenly shut down and affect your hard drive. In the absence of a socket, turn the laptop off just to be sure.
  5. Pull the battery out. First, turn the laptop over and look for the battery latch. Open it as indicated in the owner’s manual. Put the battery’s latch into release position. Gently take the battery out and place it temporarily in a dry place. You can think about how to dispose of it later.
  6. Look for the receptor pins and place the battery. Figure out how the battery must be placed through the receptor pins. If unsure, refer to the manual. Gently place the battery into its place and snap it into its compartment. If the battery seems to be big for the compartment, don’t force it. You might destroy both your laptop and your new battery. Check again if they are in the right place. Put the latch into the original locked position. If jammed, move the battery about until the latch is locked.
  7. Charge the laptop. Different laptops have different charging times for freshly replaced batteries. You may consider leaving it for more or less 24 hours. Constantly check the laptop power in the system tray icon.

Don’t use your laptop while charging. Just wait for it to charge fully. After charging your new battery, your laptop will now be read to go.

Just a bit of advice: you can buy another battery in case there is no AC outlet nearby and you really need to do some important job with your laptop.

Replacing your laptop battery, unlike replacing a laptop motherboard and more complex accessories, is indeed very simple to do.


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