How To Save Your Bookmarks in IE, Firefox, Opera & Google Chrome

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Almost all the major web browsing programs now have a bookmark management feature built right into the software.  There are many reasons why people would want to save a copy of their bookmark files.  I might log onto as many as 5 different computers in various locations on any given day.  I sometimes have hundreds of bookmarks on file for each PC.  

It’s a frustrating experience when you stumble onto a good underground web page via page links only to find out later that the page is invisible in the search engines, so I tend to have a ridiculous number of bookmarks on multiple computers. 

Saving bookmark files helps me save time relocating obscure web pages from multiple PCs.  This tends to help me keep my sanity.

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Step 1

Saving a bookmark file in Internet Explorer

  • From the File tab, left click and scroll down to Import and Export and left click on it.  The Import/Export Wizard will pop up.  Just click the Next button. 
  • On the next screen, left click and highlight Export Favorites and click the Next button.
  • Left click and highlight the Favorites folder and click the Next button.
  • On the next screen, click the Browse button and choose where you want to save the file.
  • You can change the name of the file here, but in the Save as type box, choose HTML from the pull-down menu, then click Save.
  • You can now see the file name and location you chose in the text box.  Click Next.
  • On the last screen, click finish.  There will be an HTML file of your IE bookmarks in the file folder you sent it.

Step 2

Saving a bookmark file in Mozilla Firefox

  • From the Bookmarks menu tab, left click, scroll down and highlight Organize Bookmarks and left click again.
  • The pop-up window will be titled library.  Left click on the Import&Backup button at the top of the box.  Scroll down to Export HTML.and left click again.
  • Now choose the Save in folder at the top of the screen, change the file name if you like from the one shown in the File name text box.
  • Click the Save button and you’re done.

Step 3

Saving a bookmark file in Opera

  • From the File tab, left click and scroll down to Import and Export, then scroll over to the pull-down menu on the right and choose Export Bookmarks as HTML and left click.
  • On the next screen, choose the destination folder from the Save in menu text box at the top of the screen.
  • Again, you can change the file name from here if you want, but the file will automatically be saved as an HTML.
  • Just click the Save button and you’re done.

Step 4

Saving a bookmark file in Google Chrome – Right now, exporting your bookmarks in Google Chrome (beta) for Windows is a problem.  Actually, Chrome doesn’t allow exporting bookmarks to a separate file. 

The feature will probably be added soon in later versions of the software.  This might save you a little time pokin’ around before you figure out Chrome doesn’t have this feature yet.

It’s so easy, even a …well …a you know what can do it.


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Yeah.... Was quite a while ago. At the time you couldn't do it. Thanks for updating the article tho. I hate the fact that over time, many things we write about end up being obsolete.

By Rick Contrata