How To Select a New PowerMac Graphics Card

Like any other computer, PowerMacs could come with a graphics card or not. In case your PowerMac did not come with an on-board graphics card, or if you want to purchase an advanced graphics card for better video, here are some recommendations to look into when buying a new graphics card for your PowerMac.

Gauge how essential the graphics card is to your everyday computing tasks.
Assess what purpose you need the graphics card for; if you are a gamer, or maybe you are interested in digital photo editing, you would really benefit from getting a superior graphics card. If that’s not the reason why you want to get a graphics card, there are video cards that have lesser capacity but would still do the trick. This option is especially good for users who want to watch high-definition shows on their PowerMacs without any issues such as the rendering of the video file.

Evaluate if you need added functions to your graphics card
There are video cards capable of rendering excellent 2D/3D graphics, can capture video, become a TV-tuner, or support connections of multiple computers in one computer tower.

Check the type of expansion slot you computer motherboard supports.

Double check your PowerMac’s manual if it supports the slot for the video card you want to get. There are two standard ways of integrating graphics cards onto a motherboard: through the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) or Peripheral Component Interconnect Express Port (PCI-e). If you got your PowerMac prior to year 2004, chances are, your motherboard supports the AGP standard for graphics card. This is because on year 2004, AGP graphics cards were gradually phased out in exchange for the PCI-e standard graphics card.

Prefer getting a graphics card with superior memory bandwidth.
The higher the memory bandwidth the graphics card has, the faster it is in rendering images.

Get a graphics card with high memory.
If you get a graphics card with dedicated memory, this would mean that nothing would be compromised with your computing operation as the memory it takes from your computer will be smaller than usual. Currently, the highest memory for video cards is up to 1 GB.

See the prices of graphics card from both online shops and walk-in stores.
Check online and see how much they sell the graphics card you want. Then go to the nearest computer part store, supermarket, electronic shops or department store in your area. Ask for assistance and inquire the prices they have for the stock they have on hand.

Once you have the information about the prices, you can now consider your budget. How much are you willing to pay for the graphics card? Ultimately, you should make your decision based on a comparison between your evaluation of the graphic card’s capabilities and its price.


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