How To Set Parental Control on Your Computer

Enable or Disable Undesired Websites

When you are about to get in bed, do you still worry about what your kids are visiting on the internet? Does it prevent you from catching lots of z's? Worry no more; spend a few minutes resetting your Internet Explorer using Internet Options and be in control again. Follow these simple but valuable steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the View tab.
  3. Scroll to Explorer Bar.
  4. Click History.
  5. In the View column under History tab, you can browse By Date, By Site or By Site Most Visited. You can list down the undesirable sites opened without your permission. Set aside your list.
  6. Now, go to Start, and click it.
  7. Go to Control Panel, and click.
  8. Click Network and Internet Connections.
  9. Click Internet Options.
  10. Family online togetherIn Internet Properties box, click Content tab and click Enable under the Content Advisor. You will then be lead to the Ratings, Approved Sites, General and Advanced tabs. Within the Ratings tab under the Select A Category To View The Rating Levels, bulleted under the Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSACi -- a rating service for the internet), highlight either Language, Nudity, Sex and Violence categories. Choose the levels that you will allow your users to see by sliding the level slider. Make sure that the box is checked on the General tab under the User Option; this allows you, the Supervisor, to type a password.
  11. Go back into the Approved Sites tab. Type all the undesirable sites you listed from the History within the Allow This Website box and press Never. Once done, click Apply or OK. You will then be asked to create a supervisor password. Then you will be prompted that the content advisor has been enabled. Click OK.

Be ready to get sneaky, keep visiting the History tab whenever you can. Don't get tired shutting down the enemy; it's your peace of mind that's at stake here.

Walk your dog and have a good night's sleep! Good luck!

Greg Quimpo maintains blogs about fatherhood and animal welfare issues.

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