How To Set up Computer Power Saver Options

Computers take an important part of our electric bill consumption. Even in sleep mode, they still use up a lot of energy. It is therefore important to put your computer into sleep mode more quickly to cut back on its energy use. Do you know that your computer has built in power saver options to help you lower down the energy it uses? You can either activate them, download power-saving software available on the Internet, or do both!

To help you decide which road to take, read through our power saving plan to help you choose the best energy saving option for you.

  1. If you use a PC, follow the energy savers found on the Planet Green site. The site gives a step-by-step guide to activate your computer's electric saver. Right click on the desktop and select properties and then, turn off your screen saver. It may sound strange at first. But the reality is that the screen saver lets your unit enjoy a full power load, rather than proceeding to sleep! To counter the problem, go to your control panel in the start menu and choose options. Prep your computer to go to standby mode after 15 minutes, and your monitor and hard disks to shut off after 5 minutes.
  2. If you use a Mac computer, go the site's section designated for those who have Macs. The site instructs you to click on the Apple icon and proceed to system preferences. Under the hardware heading, choose energy saver. You now have the option to regulate power supply settings for better energy savings. If you want to, you can also control the computer and monitor's timing for sleep mode similar to the steps for a PC.
  3. If you use a notebook or laptop computer, it is also advisable to apply energy savers found in the power options section. This won't just cut your electric bill in half, but it will also help control the screen brightness, display options, and sleep mode timing of your notebook or laptop computer.
  4. Download software programs at to help save energy, avoid short circuit, maximize power phase, harness power current, etc. Choose the best software that will suit your energy saving diagram. For Mac office users, try out the Power Manager. It lets you automatically switch your MacBook off at selected intervals to eliminate the use of phantom power. The Auto Shut Down, on the other hand, is an ultra-simple software that allows you to shut down your computer instantly. Another choice, the Auto Power-on and Shut-down 2.20 is best if you want to increase the energy efficiency of your computer. Like the ones in the list, the Auto Shutdown Genius is great at scheduling shutdown, log offs, hibernation modes, etc. TweakVista, however targets Windows Vista users to help them change Vista settings for more energy savers. Another cool program is the CO2 Saver because it is super user-friendly and takes only an instant to start working! One of the most entertaining downloads around is called the Edison. Aside from helping you plan your computer's sleep modes and power down modes, it also monitors your energy savings and CO2 emission reductions.

It is never too late to take advantage of several power saver options available to you. Choose the best ones that will help meet your energy-saving goals.


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