How To Share iPod Music on Another Computer

Transferring music from your iTunes library to your iPod is pretty easy and straightforward. You can do it manually or automatically. However, if you need to transfer tunes from your iPod to the computer, this can be rather difficult since iTunes does not allow this due to copyright issues. Hence, sharing the iPod music to another computer may be impossible. Wrong!  There are ways to actually transfer and share the music from your iPod to another computer even without iTunes installed in that particular computer. Here are some steps.

  • Plug in your iPod. Whether the new computer you are using has iTunes installed or not does not matter. Technically, for this procedure, you will want to use your iPod as a portable flash drive. Plug it in the USB slot and allow your computer to detect it as another drive. Once the computer detects it, open up “My Computer” and check if it has been registered on your system as another drive. Click on the drive to open it and display the contents.
  • Enable the iPod control folder. Now once you are in the drive, you will notice that there are some folders already in there but exploring each folder will reveal that the music stored on your iPod is nowhere to be seen. Technically, you will want to find the iPod control folder and this is actually a hidden folder. To unhide the darn thing, click on “Tools” at the tops of the Windows Explorer screen and select “Folder Options”. Select view and search for the check box that is labeled “show hidden files and folders”. Check it to enable it and click ok. Once that is done, you will see the iPod control folder on the screen. Open the folder and select the music folder. Double-click it to open it and you will see the folders of all the different music in your iPod.
  • Copy the music into the computer. Now that you have accessed the music on your iPod, to share it to the particular computer, all you have to do is to highlight all the folders you wish to share and press “CTRL” and “C”. This will copy the folders including the music inside them. Now, find a computer drive and folder where you will want to save the music from the iPod on. Once you have selected the appropriate folder, press “Shift” and “Insert” on your keyboard and the transfer will commence. Once the transfer is complete, eject the iPod and you have successfully shared your iPod music to another computer. Repeat the process if you want to share with other computers as well.
  • Consider using third party software. Podplus and Sharepod are some of the popular free software around that can transfer the music from an iPod into a computer with or without iTunes installed. The process using these programs is pretty much automated and does not require too much manual intervention. So, if you are looking for an easy way, consider downloading these programs, which are totally free to use.

These are the simply ways for you to share the music from your iPod to any computer. While Apple does not officially sanction these options, for as long as you do not violate copyright laws by distributing copies of licensed music to other people, you will pretty much have the green light to do it.


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