How To Spyproof Your PC for Secure Transactions

For people who perform transactions through their PC, it is best that their transactions be private and confidential. Computer monitoring involves individuals, companies and governments throughout the world. Because computer technology and the Internet is the most used medium today in performing transactions, it is best to perform precautionary measures against computer crimes.

Hardware keyloggers.  This device can be installed in 5 seconds. It requires that the culprit be within physical distance of your computer. Once installed, it can save every keystroke entered with your keyboard, including vital information such as security passwords or account numbers. You should remove this by safely turning off your computer, then remove the device from your keyboard and plug the keyboard back into your computer.

Surveillance spy software. Surveillance spy software is one of the hardest to detect of all computer monitoring spyware products. Some people use spyware legitimately in order to monitor a child's Internet activity or to monitor the computers of employees in a work environment. But this software is also used illegally to anyone who wants to steal or spy on you. The four main subcategories of surveillance spyware are:

  • Keyloggers.
  • Email Redirectors. They silently duplicate all incoming and outgoing messages to a third party to view and save.
  • Chat Loggers and URL Recorders. They monitor instant messaging programs and web browsers. The communication and web site visits can then be recorded and sent to the intruder.
  • Screen Recorders. They silently record your entire desktop screen and all your activity, to be packaged as a slide show to the intruder via email or uploading.

Surveillance spyware is used for financial spying on your transactions, identity theft so other people can use you for their dealings, and espionage against your business.

The most recommended software to target and detect surveillance software is SpyCop, which is regarded as the best anti-spyware software by law enforcement firms, the government, and businessmen.

Tips to spyproof your transactions:

  • Using multiple PCs will make it harder for hackers to get all the pertinent information regarding transactions. If one PCs online security is breached, you can prepare the other PC by working with it online so that the information in it will not be obtained by the intruder. You can prepare for an intrusion from hackers if you have one PC as your online computer, and the others are reserved for further internet usage.
  • Corollary to using multiple PCs: Store all of your most important data, such as money and private matters, in a physical storage device. These include CDs, floppy disks, USB flash drives, and portable hard drives. Open these devices only when absolutely necessary. The reason for doing this is because the data is saved in physical storage devices. It will be harder for intruders to access them than data which is stored in emails, uploaded to a server, or saved in your computer.
  • Disable the Universal Plugs on your computer. Universal plugs make all software compatible to the PC. By disabling it, spyware will have a hard time accessing your computer because it needs to pass a compatibility test.
  • Safe surfing is a must. If possible, use a dial-up service so that the computer is not constantly online, reducing the risk of spyware infection.
  • Privacy enhancing software, such as a proxy server (a server which provides anonymity when you are online, hiding your IP, etc.) is imperative in keeping safe from spyware.



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