How To Tell How Much Free Hard Drive Space is Left on a Computer

Adequate hard drive space is one of the many factors that make a computer run efficiently. Knowing how much free hard drive space is left on a computer is important--especially now that downloading music, documents and movies from the Internet is a common practice. Checking it on a Windows-based or Mac operating system is quick and easy.

On Windows PC:

1. Click on the Start Menu.

Look for the "My Computer" icon and double click on that.

2. Locate the hard drive.

The "My Computer" interface will pop up showing all of the main folders and the drives your computer has, including removable drives such as MP3 players you have plugged into your computer. Right click on the hard disk drive "C:"

3. Click on "Properties."

Choose the "Properties" option which is usually found at the bottom of the list from the small pop up menu that appears. Under the "General" tab, you will see the used and free space on your computer hard drive. They will be expressed in the units Megabytes (MB), Gigabytes (GB) or Terabytes (TB). Additionally, used space is usually represented by the blue color while the free space is violet in the pie chart illustrated.

On Mac Operating System:

1. Locate the hard drive.

There will usually be an icon for the hard drive on the desktop that's labeled as the "Macintosh HD." Right click on that hard drive icon.

2. Select "Get Info."

Click on the "Get Info" from the drop down list on the menu that appears. A window will then appear showing the hard drive's overall capacity, used and free space on the hard drive.

3. Click on Mac Dock.

If the HD icon is not on your desktop, then access your Mac Dock. This is the bar of icons usually located at the side or bottom of the screen and provides quick access to various applications.

4. Click on "Finder."

Once the "Finder" window pops up, locate the "Macintosh HD" icon and right click on it. A drop down menu will show up and click on "Get Info." There you will see your Mac's computer hard drive capacity, available space and used space.

Optimizing a computer's performance will require some knowledge and troubleshooting skills on the owner's part. One of the useful things to know is how to monitor your computer's hard drive so that you know when to clean up and remove all those files that you no longer need.


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