How To Tell If a Computer Monitor Is Going Bad

Computer monitors are specifically designed to last for quite some time. They are actually made to ensure that they can stand the current demands and lifestyles of the consumers. Since the Internet boomed, computers are now used not only for business or for educational purposes, but they are now utilized for entertainment and recreation (such as games, movies, photos and the like), for building communities (through social networks) and for communication. In the year 2000, the usage of computers has tremendously increased. Many people are now literally online 24 hours, seven day a week. A lot of them do not even turn off their computers anymore. The life of your monitor will depend on how often you use it. If you leave your PC on almost all the time and without proper maintenance, the risk of your monitor going bad will be higher. In order for you to successfully determine if your computer monitor is dying, just continue reading so you can learn more.

  1. Weird lines and colors. When you turn on your monitor, check if you see any discoloration. If you see some black or green spots on the screen or any abnormal colors that should not be there, that is a good sign that there is something wrong with it. This also includes some weird horizontal or vertical lines. Usually, these abnormalities do not go away even if you adjust the color, brightness, sharpness and contrast.
  2. Waking it up. Put your monitor to sleep and wait for a couple of minutes. Now wake it up by moving your mouse. A healthy monitor usually wakes up within five to ten seconds. However, if you need to wait a bit longer than that, then you might want to have it checked or serviced. This is a very good indication that your monitor is getting old. If not addressed quickly, it might never turn on the next time.
  3. Too dark. Scrutinize the screen and see if it is not as bright as it should be. Adjust accordingly by fiddling with its brightness properties and contrast. You can usually see this on the side or bottom of your monitor. Put it in its brightest color, logically you should see a really bright screen. If you did not see any changes, your screen is dying so might as well have it checked.
  4. Too slow for you. Move your mouse quite a bit and see if it acts accordingly. If your movement is in line with the mouse's arrow on the screen, then your monitor is still good. However, if you see a noticeable lag, it might be going bad. You need to ensure though that you have no problems with your tower speed.

These are the things that you need to do if you really want to know if your computer monitor is going terminal. Just follow these very easy steps and you will find out about the gravity of the problem. This way, you have an option to either fix it (do this as early as possible) or purchase a new one. To ensure that your monitor will last a really long time, it is important that you properly maintain it by cleaning it regularly, turning it off at least once a day, etc. Good luck!


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