How To Check Computer Performance: Increase Computer Speed

Learn About Computer Diagnostic Software and More

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The performance of a computer can depend on its usage or how old the computer is. You can drastically improve your computer by testing your computer performance and finding the cause of the slowdown. There may be malware on the computer that you might not notice, especially if you mostly use your computer for surfing the Internet. You can download software or make use of computer performance tests and checks online. Don't worry, there are ways to check computer performance for free, so you won't have to pay a penny.

Here are some websites and software that you can use to learn how to test computer performance:

  1. PC Pitstop. You can go to the website to test the performance of your computer for free. You can run a full scan of the computer, scan the computer for viruses, check your Internet speed, analyze the processes on your computer and check the ActiveX program. You can do all of these steps for free. You can also participate in the forums if you have problems with slow computer performance. There are several topics covered, such as tips ‘n' tricks, fix my computer, Internet tests, viruses and spyware, and tech talk.
  2. PassMark Performance Test. If your computer is running slow, you can use this software to check its overall performance. This software can be used to check the performance of Windows XP and Vista systems. You can try to check computer speed with the software for free for 30 days, and you can purchase the software for $24.00. With this software, you can find out if your computer is performing its best, and you can also compare the performance of your computer to other similar systems.
  3. Speed Guide. The website for speed guide is This website has a free computer speed test that you can use; it also contains tips and tricks on how you can improve the performance of a slow XP computer, and ultimately increase computer speed. You will also see reviews on different software and computer devices that can help you speed up the computer.
  4. Computer Diagnostic Software. This software will help you test, monitor and optimize your computer performance so it can run more efficiently. With the Diagnostic Software, you can see a directory of all the unnecessary files that you can remove from your computer to improve its performance. You can also see all the system settings that you can tweak to further enhance your system.
  5. Trend Micro House Call. The Trend Micro House Call is a computer tester that can be found on the website This program will help you in detecting and removing different items on your computer that may contribute to the slowness of your system. Some of these items can be malware, spyware, worms or viruses. The program fixes the damage done by the malicious items, and this improves the performance of your computer.

These are some of the programs and software that you can use to test your computer performance. In order to use these programs, you must first conduct a scan of the entire computer. This may take anywhere from several minutes to a few hours, depending on the volume of the items that are found in your system. You can then alter your system settings and remove unnecessary files based on the results of the test.


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