How To Track the Real IP Address Behind the Proxy

Internet Protocol (IP) is the primary and most important part of the internet communication. Without IP, the computers can not communicate or can not identify each other. There are two types of IP addresses one is Static IP and other is private IP. The Static IP is known as public IP and this IP is Registrar for the corporate use. Internet Service Provider must take one Static IP form the Government or from Static IP Provider Company.

Proxy server is the best protection to prevent tracing the IP address or location. With the proxy you can manage your web browsing such that it works like a “middleman” between your local user and ISP server. Proxy will send your request to the real server and it provides you indirect access to the real server.

The real server also cannot directly access your request of information. The anonymous proxy servers are used to keep away from recognizing information form the user. In now days there are so many types of proxy servers are available in the market. Some of them are free so that you can directly download them from the internet.  The proxy protects your IP and so your computer becomes hard for tracker or attackers to track the real IP behind the Proxy.

In the normal use of internet when you start browsing, web server will track some part of information about your computer. Using this information, they can track stuff like IP, geographical location, type of surfing, MAC address etc.  With this information they can set up your ISP and your fairly accurate location.

There are some expert IT professionals who can track your IP behind the proxy. In the DOS, one command to track your real IP is “tracert web address” and with this you can get all the real IP or you can find the real IP.

On the internet there is software known as “Visualroute” which can track your real IP. This type of software will trace all servers which are connected with your pc for browsing. Your pc first communicates with local gateway so  that this first IP will be your Proxy’s gateway, then second IP is shown which is your ISP’s real IP, and third IP is the Static  IP of your ISP. This IP is taken from government on rent that is your ISP’s gateway to communicate with other server which not in the same country.


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