How To Transfer Cassette Tape to Computer

Photo of CD and cassette tape

Many people still hold their music collection in media versions that are no longer playable in cars and homes today. If this sounds like you there are ways to preserve your favourite songs and singers without having to constantly buy new CDs and MP3s. If you have a collection of cassette tapes you have the option to preserve them directly to your PC and the steps are far easier than you may think. There are some materials you will need to complete this process but for many people it is well worth it to preserve not only cherished songs but memories as well.

  1. Collect the supplies you will need including: a stereo adapter cable, sound recording software and a cassette player. These materials are essential and the process cannot be completing without them.
  2. When you have the cassette in the correct spot for recording, connect the red and white ends of the stereo adapter cable to the appropriate ends of your cassette player and stereo output lines on your PC. This will begin the transferring process.
  3. Turn on your computer and cassette player AFTER you have connected the cables properly.
  4. Open the sound recording software of your choice. It does not matter which brand or version of software you choose to use, anyone will complete this process successfully for you.
  5. Click the record button your software and then press the play button on your cassette player.
  6. Save file. Click the save button your recording software and you now have your favourite cassette songs in digital form on your PC.

The most difficult part of this process is finding the right materials in order to complete the process successfully. You can use this process to transfer one song from a cassette or you can transfer the entire cassette. If you are choosing to do any entire tape you don't have to sit around and wait to press the stop button, it will stop on its own. This allows you to start the process and continue on to other tasks throughout the day, trusting the software to complete the process in your absence.

Microsoft is generally the most recommended audio recording software but again, this is not a crucial part of the process. Any of the software packages on the market today have the ability to complete this simple transfer.


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