Transfer Songs to an iPod from Windows Media Player

Goodbye Windows Media Player, Hello iTunes

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Everyone and anyone who loves music today can tell you that there is no better music player than the Apple iPod. Since the iPod was been released many people have switched all their music downloading and organizing from Windows Media Player to iTunes. For some this was a smooth transition, while others are still wondering how to do it. 

Here's how to move music from Windows Media Player to iTunes.

Quick iPod Tips for Windows Media Player Users

  1. First, you will want to copy the songs from your Windows Media Player directly to the hard drive on your computer. In order to do this you simply highlight all the songs in your Windows Media Player library. Then, right click with your mouse and from the drop down menu select the copy function. From here you choose the music section on your C drive and right click again, hitting the paste function. With these actions the first step is complete.
  2. From here it is time to change the properties of each song. You can do this by clicking on each song individually but for those of you who have a larger playlist you will want to click the edit button at the top of your screen and find "select all" in the drop down menu. This will select and highlight all of your songs. Now you can right click and select "properties" from the drop down menu. Within this function you will want to change the open with option from Windows Media Player to iTunes.
  3. Now you can listen to all your songs through one venue, iTunes, and transfer songs to an iPod.

iPod has done a great job making tasks such as transfers easy for everyone to complete,making iTunes the most popular media player available today. If you do not already have iTunes it is a free download and can be found through a Google search or simply when you plug your iPod into your PC through your USB cord. 

Transferring your favourite songs can seem more difficult than it actually is. Take advantage of these simple iPod tips and compress all your music into one accessible location on your PC today!  


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