How To Understand What a Fax Modem Is

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A fax modem is a device that is used on the computer in order to send and receive documents through a fax machine. Fax modems have two types. The first one is the external fax modem and the second one is the internal fax modem, otherwise known as the fax board. Fax modems can be easier to use than the standard fax machine. This modem robotics device works by routing the call to the fax modem. The images that are sent are then printed through the computer’s printer.

Here is more information on fax modems and how they work:

  • External fax modem. An external fax modem is a fax modem that is attached on the computer to send fax. These fax modems can be an external USB modem that can easily be attached to the USB port of the computer. You can purchase different types of external fax modems from the website You will be able to see various modems from different manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Internal fax modem. A fax modem can also be installed internally. This is called the fax board. The fax board has a fax circuit. This circuit is plugged into the bus of the computer in order for fax to be received. You can purchase internal fax modems from These internal fax modems are sold at about $600.00 up to thousands of dollars.
  • How a fax is sent. In order for you to send a fax through your computer, the data that you are going to send must be in electronic form. This means that your documents must be in a disk file. For your documents to be sent, you are going to need to scan them by using an optical scanner. This is a device that you need to purchase when you want to use a fax modem.
  • Communications software. In addition to the optical scanner, you have to install the communications software or modem drive that came with your fax modem. This communications software is the program that allows sending of fax data through the phone line with the use of the fax modem. Communications software also add other features to the fax modem so that it can perform more actions.
  • Advantages. There are several advantages of using a fax modem to fax through your computer rather than using the standard fax machine. The first advantage is that using a fax modem is more convenient as you do not need to print out the data. The second is that sending fax through a fax modem is much faster than using a fax machine. The third is the quality of the document. The image quality of fax that came from a fax modem is clearer.

This is some of the useful information about fax modems. If you are interested in purchasing a fax modem for your personal use, you can check different computer online stores and compare the types of fax modems that they have. You may also want to check out the Netodragon modem, the Lucent modem driver and other computer accessories that you can use.


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