How To Upgrade Your Computer RAM

Do you feel that the performance of your computer is insufficient? Do you want to upgrade its performance, but you do not have the budget? Upgrading your RAM (Random Access Memory) would greatly improve the performance of your computer, and it is an easy task. It will not cost you a lot of money, as compared to the cost you will incur in upgrading other parts of your computer.

Here are simple steps to upgrade the RAM on your computer:

  1. First, identify the type of RAM that is currently installed in your computer. Research and decide what type of RAM should be used in your computer to attain great results. This step is critical, because you should choose a compatible type of RAM to upgrade your current RAM. The wrong option can result in a serious problem.
  2. Purchase the RAM that you think will be the best piece of equipment for your computer. Remember, you also need to consider how much memory the motherboard of your computer can support.
  3. If you already have your RAM, you now can start upgrading. Turn off, then unplug your computer. Remove the cover of the computer to gain access to the RAM.
  4. Locate the RAM that is currently installed in your computer. Lightly press the clips on both ends of the RAM. The RAM should pop up, and you can detach it easily.
  5. Remove the new RAM from its package carefully. Take it out by holding the ends. You should be careful not to touch the metal part, because it can significantly damage the RAM.
  6. Install the new RAM by placing it in the same slot where you removed your old RAM. Open the clips on both ends of the RAM socket by pressing both of the clips down. Now, you need to insert the new RAM carefully. Be sure to match the new RAM with the slot. There is only one way to insert the RAM correctly. That is to push the top part of the RAM lightly but firmly to secure it. You will hear a ‘click' if it is properly placed. After that, you need to make sure that the RAM is secured by checking if the clips on both sides of the RAM did not pop back.
  7. Return the cover to your PC. You can now plug in your computer and turn it on. On the boot up screen, check whether your computer can recognize the memory. If not, repeat the steps starting from step 3.

Upgrading is very easy if the above steps are executed properly. There are other parts of a computer that can be upgraded, but the RAM is the most ideal to replace because it is cost-effective and allows smooth multi-tasking. It can also result in faster web surfing, because the RAM helps the browser display the web pages more rapidly.


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