How To Use a Business Card Scanner

A business card scanner is a device that is very useful for offices and also for personal use. It is capable of scanning different items, such as business cards, passports, drivers' licenses and other important documents. There are different types of business card scanners that are available. There are USB business card scanners and also portable business card scanners that are ideal to use anywhere.

The business card scanner works with your computer so that you can easily export important data and store it in your system. There are business card scanners for Windows and Macintosh computers. Using this device is easy if you know what to do.

Here are some instructions on how to use your business card scanner:

  1. Business card scanner. If you do not have a business card reader or scanner yet, it is good to check out different scanners so that you have a comparison before your buy. Also, check out the best selling brands for card scanners. Some of the best brands are the Bizcard Reader, CardScan Personal, CardScan Executive and Business Card Iris Reader. Read different reviews to see which card scanner is the right one for your use.
  2. Business card reading software. The first thing you have to have is business card reading software. You can use an independent software or in some cases, the scanner has its own software that you can install on your computer. Install the software before using the business card scanner. If you are going to use another software with your scanner, choose a software that has excellent OCR or Optical Character Recognition. This will ensure that the documents that you scan are readable when you export them to Excel or to Outlook.
  3. Scanning. Once you have installed the software, you can now scan the documents. In scanning, be sure that all information is clear and not blocked by staples or other items that might hinder the scanner from getting data transferred. Once they are scanned, you can then export the information to an Excel spreadsheet without manually inputting the data yourself.
  4. Syncing. Some brands of business card scanners will allow you to transfer the data that you scanned to your portable devices, such as mobile phones or PDAs. All you have to do is connect your device to your computer and export the information that you got from the documents. One of the business card scanners that will allow you to do this is the IrisCard Pro 4.

These are the steps on how to use a business card scanner. You can use business card scanners for personal use or to collate information for your business. It is an efficient way of doing data entry and data transfer without having to spend a lot of time in inputting data from documents into a spreadsheet. Business card scanners are a great solution for data collection and management.


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