How To Use a Digital Notepad

Digital notepads are becoming increasingly popular over desktop and laptop computers because of their mobility, portability and touch screen features. In reality, there are a lot of digital notepads already available to the consumers and their names vary. Some digital notepads just function as their name suggests, while some others also run various software programs and can accommodate peripheral hardware such as printers and scanners. The main point of fact for it to be labeled as a “digital notepad” is its user-friendly accessory called the stylus that act as a digital pen. It enables the user to quickly write down notes and it is a handy tool for an artist to sketch graphically for Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and the like.

Here’s how to key in notes for a Tablet PC or laptop notepad:

  1. Select the Microsoft Office Program you want to use. You can keep your notes well-arranged in Microsoft OneNote.
  2. Put your digital pen or stylus near the text field you want to enter the words. Click on the icon that comes out for the Input Panel. The Input panel allows your handwriting to be translated into electronic text.
  3. The program can predict what you want to write and it will appear just below the written word. You may correct any errors the computer makes by clicking on the mistake and replace it with a new one.

There are some digital notepads that work differently. Follow the instructions below on how to use a digital notepad that can recognize your handwriting on real paper notepad using a digital inking pen when you place it on the digital pad:

  1. Take down notes, sketch or illustrate figures or flow charts. It will digitally store whatever you have written on its memory and it will be kept as a one page digital file.
  2. You may send your notes via Bluetooth, e-mail or MMS by choosing the appropriate transmitter without the hassle of a computer.
  3. Through the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port, you can already connect it to a laptop or desktop computer.
  4. Using the programmed software, you can access your files, view or edit it so as to manage your notes without difficulty.
  5. Use the Microsoft OneNote to effectively and efficiently share your notes to others.
  6. For your notes to be converted into digital text, use the handwriting recognition software.

Actually, you may also refer to the Microsoft Windows computer notepad as a “digital notepad” because you do not necessarily need an ink and paper to jot down your notes. But of course, you do not have the comfort of a digital pen notepad. Follow these instructions on how to use:

  1. From the start menu, choose “Program” or “All Programs” (depending on the OS of the computer).
  2. Click “Accessories”, and then select “Notepad.”
  3. You may now begin typing/ encoding whatever you like.
  4. You may also use this application as a digital diary. Just press F5 and the current time and date will appear.
  5. To save your document for the first time, click “File” on the status bar and choose “Save as…” Select in which folder you want to save the document and hit “Save.”

With the fast-paced roll of science and technology, computer manufacturers and makers continuously innovate for gadgets and devices to make our lives easier and modern. If ever you are planning to have your own soon, you are making a wise decision now that you already get an overview on how to use a digital notepad to your own advantage and comfort.


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