How To Use a Gigabit Router

The gigabit router is a very important computer peripheral that allows you to not only connect to computer networks and the web, but also transfer enormous amounts of data. Through the gigabit router, you can transfer and receive files with speeds of up to one gigabyte per second, which is approximately ten times faster than the usual router. Here’s how you can set up and use your own gigabit router.

  1. Purchase the router. Before dashing off to the nearest computer shop and buying the first gigabit router you see, do your research first and look for a router that provides great performance at a decent price. There are plenty of sites that will give gigabit router reviews. Check these first, and see whether the previous users were satisfied. Not all routers are made alike, and some can be more problematic than others. You do not want to end up with a router that will die out or drop a connection every few minutes.
  2. Internet connection. Next, make sure that you have a good internet connection. One of the primary advantages of a gigabit router is its speed, but unless you have an internet service provider that can match the speed of the router, your router will feel like just about any other router. The only reason you should use a gigabit router if you have a very slow internet connection is if you will use it to transfer files from one computer at home to another, wirelessly.  Another feature, which almost every gigabit router now has, is wireless connections. If plenty of computers and laptops will connect to the router, you should make sure that your internet connection is fast enough to be divided into the various computers that are connected to it.
  3. Configuring your computer. Next, connect the gigabit router to the main internet line. Most routers are pretty simple to use. Power the router on using the instructions on the manual and it should begin broadcasting the internet signal around the house. What is important, however, is for your computers to be configured to receive the signals. First, the computers should be Wi-Fi ready, and their networking should be configured to be able to view the other computers and networks that your router represents. The new Vista, Windows 7, and Mac computers can do this automatically, but for XP computers, you will need to use the Set up Network Wizard first.
  4. Firewall. It is also important for you to set up a firewall, especially if you are using the gigabit router wirelessly. The wireless router is similar to a radio, and people within the range will be able to pick up the signal using their computers. To prevent your network and computer from being hacked or used by unauthorized people, do not set the router to public use, and use a firewall to protect your computer. Most computers come with their own firewalls, but it is best to use dedicated firewalls. There are paid versions, but you can also use free ware such as Comodo’s Firewall.

Through these easy steps, you can begin enjoying a high powered router –wherever you are in your house or office. With a gigabit router, home networking has never been easier.


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