How To Use an External Enclosure Hard Drive

What are the best ways you can think of to back up your important files? Save them on DVDs, on removable flash disks, or on file hosting sites? About 10GB of memory is about the most space you can get with these options. Is it enough? How you wish you had a portable hard disk to take care of your back up files. Why not buy an additional hard disk, instead? You might be worrying about its convenience. Well, your prayer is already answered with the invention of the external enclosure hard drive.

An external enclosure hard drive makes it possible for you to use it as a plug-and-play device. Hard disks cannot be used just as they are for desktops or laptops unless they are connected through the SATA connecting bus. These are not as convenient to use as USB flash disks, which you can use the moment you plug them in.

With an external enclosure hard drive, you can finally use any suitable hard disk like your regular flash disk, only with a larger space. So, are you excited to have this device? Learn how to use an external enclosure hard disk first:

  1. Get a good hard disk that will fit your needs and the enclosure. It can be an old hard disk from your laptop or desktop or a brand new storage device from your favorite store. It doesn't matter so much how you will get the hard disk as long you're sure that it works perfectly fine. Don't forget to reformat the hard disk if it has been used.
  2. Get the best external enclosure for your hard disk and budget. You can find this at computer stores in varying sizes, colors, styles, and features. Some of these are USB enclosures or enclosure 2.5 that can be connected through a USB port, while some allow connecting through Firewire only. There are some that allow both the Fireware and USB connectivity options. Some can be slim, like the external enclosure 2.5. You may find other slim enclosures, but make sure that your hard disk will fit in it.
  3. Watch the video instruction or manual on how to use the external enclosure device. Since this is new in the market, most manufacturers of external enclosure hard drives provide DVD video instruction on how to use it. The process is so simple, anyway, that even those with no IT knowledge can learn it. If you don't have this, then move to step 4.
  4. Open the external enclosure by unscrewing its latches. Using a bigger screwdriver is always better.
  5. Install the hard disk. Make sure that its SATA can reach the external SATA in the enclosure. Connect the external SATA just as you do when installing the hard disk in a PC or laptop.
  6. Return the covering of the external enclosure. Screw its latches, and your new external enclosure hard drive is ready for use.

Plug it, play it, save files on it, carry it, transfer files from and to it--all these tasks can now be done with your hard disk inside the external enclosure. What more can you ask for with a space-saving device that can be connected to any computer anytime? Just protect it from any external raid because when it becomes a victim of external raid, your files will also be taken with it.


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