How To Use Astrology Software to Prepare a Birth Chart

Astrology has been in existence for thousands of years and has been used by various cultures to arrange marriages, set the date for planting and harvesting crops, and even determine what job or career a person is made for. Today, you can utilize the power of astrology while at home by using astrology software. Astrology software provides a wide variety of services, ranging from personality reports, job predictions, and even love compatibility reports. But one of the most useful reports that astrology software can provide you is the birth chart, which will help you learn more about yourself or another. Here’s how you can use astrology software to prepare a birth chart.

  1. Install. Download the astrology software of choice from the web. Make sure that your chosen astrology software has features that will allow it to create a birth chart. When choosing which astrology software to use, make sure that the product has been reviewed and that the product has had a favorable grade for other users. Apart from reviews, make sure that the product is compatible with your operating system and system requirements. After downloading, install the software and read the help files to allow you to use the software. You can also use web based astrology services that can be accessed online.
  2. Put in the information. When you open the astrology software, you will be asked to put in information that will allow the software to process your request. Among the usual questions that will be asked are the name, sex, date of birth, time of birth, and the birth place.
  3. Interpreting. When you input this information, the computer will check for information about the position of the stars and the planets during the birth of the person. The software will then generate a chart or image of the planets that will allow you to determine the birth chart. To interpret, you will need to look at the image result. Check to see which modality and element are closest to each other. Look at the alignment and distance and relationship between the heavenly bodies to determine how these interact in terms of relationships, family, personality, career, talents, strengths, weaknesses, career, love, abilities, and health. When checking for astrological relationships, make sure that the Ascendant is the starting point, follow by the solar sign, solar house, solar aspect, lunar sign, lunar house, lunar aspect, followed by the planets.
  4. Verifying the birth chart. The birth chart will give you plenty of information about a person. One of the best ways to countercheck and verify the information is by looking for trends in the report. You should notice that there are certain signs that are repeated as you check the relationships between the astrological elements. These repeated elements or trends are your means of finding which parts of the person’s personality are most consistent.

After making your birth chart using astrological software, the final step is to create a report that you can provide for the person whose astrology you have just processed. The report should be comprehensive but easy to understand. 


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