How To Use Desk Control Panels

If you want to invest in a useful and a more efficient tool, a desk control panel is right for you. A desk control panel is very flexible. You may use it to manage the following devices: laptop, cassette and video player, computer and DVD player, lights, projector, and desk scanner. Here are the things to consider in using a desk control panel:

1.    Turn on the desk control panel. You can do this by pressing any button on the touch screen. Depending on the device that you are operating, the procedures vary.
  • If you are operating a mobile computer desk, do the following steps: Turn on the computer. Next, choose the “Computer” tab in your desk executive control panel. By choosing this option, your projector, computer, and monitor will start to operate. If your computer requires a software installer for the desk control panel, insert a disk. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions. Click “Agree” then “Install” software. Now, you will notice the image (from your computer) projected on the screen. Enjoy your presentation!
  • If you want to manage a DVD player, perform the following steps: Switch on your computer. Choose “DVD” in the desk lite control panel. Pressing the button will automatically launch your projector and your computer. You will notice your projected video clip. You do not need to visit movie houses. Get your popcorn and soda. Have fun with your movie watching!
  • If you are utilizing a laptop, do the following steps: Look for some flying leads. Use these to bridge your desk control panel and your laptop. Turn on your laptop. Click “Computer” on your desk control panel. Next, choose your laptop number. It should correspond with the number indicated in the flying leads. You will now see projected images, presentations, and/or audiovisual clips on the screen.
  • If you want to control a visualizer, consider the following steps: Turn on your visualizer. In your desk control panel, select visualizer. Position an image on the visualizer. To make sure that you did the correct step, you will see the image projected on the screen.
  • If you want to connect a video player, execute the following steps: Plug in your video player. Place in your cassette tape. Choose “VHS” in the desk control panel. You will now see a bigger and a sharper video on your screen.
  • If you want to link a cassette player, take the following steps into consideration: Connect your cassette player through a wire given by your desk control panel provider. Choose the cassette tape that you want to use. Insert it. You will now hear the sound throughout your venue. If you are not satisfied with the sound, you may adjust it by pressing the volume buttons. These buttons are located on your desk control panel. They are the up and down arrows.

2.    You may also adjust the blinds, screens, as well as lights by selecting “Microphones and Lights” tab in the desk control panel.

3.    If you are finished using it, do not forget to turn off the devices. Do not forget the disks inside each device. Return them in your desk cabinets. You should press “End Session” tab on your desk control panel. Wait for three minutes for the system to shut down automatically. 

Using a control panel is very easy. Just follow the steps above and you will be successful in getting the most out of your desk control panel.


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