How To Use Memory Card Recovery

Memory cards are small portable cards that you can save data on. It is commonly found in digital cameras and cell phones. Some of these memory cards may be called Multimedia Card or MMC, miniSD, microSD, Compact Flash Card or CF, and Memory Stick Pro. Sometimes we accidentally delete our files and think we can never recover them but there is a way to recover these precious files through memory recovery software.

  1. Install the memory card recovery software. First purchase a Memory Recovery Software online or at a store that sells computer software. You may find free memory or data recovery software online that you can download and maybe save you the cost of buying one. When you have the Memory Recovery Software put in your CD-ROM drive and then wait for the interface to appear. If you downloaded the program just click or double-click on the software. Once you see the software interface, follow the instructions to install the program on your computer. You may be asked to restart your computer after installation, but if not then continue to the next step.
  2. Attach memory card to the computer. Take the memory card, memory stick or USB flash drive and attach this to the proper port. If you do not have the appropriate port or memory card reader, you can purchase a USB Memory card reader that has various ports for different types of memory or flash cards that attaches to your computer via the USB port.
  3. Launch memory card recovery program. Assuming you put an icon for the memory card recovery program on your desktop, select and Double-Click the icon to launch the program. Once you see the interface it will ask you to locate the memory card on your computer. If there is nothing seriously wrong with the memory card then you will find it on your “My Computer” section on your computer.

When you have located the memory card select it and the program will do an analysis. The program will analyze and locate all the saved data on the memory card. Once the program locates all your files, select the ones you want to recover. If you have hundreds of files on the memory card, you might want to use the filtering option to make it easier to locate the files you want to recover. Save or duplicate the files to your hard drive by specifying a location or folder on your hard drive. Then click OK to recover the files and save them to your computer.

Your lost files can still be recovered from your memory card and possibly restore them on your computer even if you get a “Drive not formatted” message.


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