How To Use Tips and Tools for Planning Software

Planning software increases the productivity of the planner as well as the team members of a project. With proper use, planning software will facilitate team coordination, streamline distribution of tasks and pinpoint problems, backlogs and bottlenecks in the workflow process.

Planning software, just like any other software, has built in tools and tips that you can use to maximize your use of the software.
Read the software manual to familiarize yourself on how to navigate the software and how to use the built in tools.

Launch the program as you read the manual so you get the feel of actually using the software. Go through each step and follow the guide.

Let us take a look at a planning software application called Organizer.

  • When you launch the program, the first thing that you will see is the opening screen. The menu is located on top of the screen. The first thing you need to do is create a group by clicking the Create a Group button.
  • A dialog box will open where you can select the options like naming the group, and the items that you can do, then click OK. The tip here is that the Organizer creates a list of things you need to remember such as planned tasks, file locations, etcetera by order of priority.
  • The name that you have given your group will now be reflected on the left hand side of the screen under ALL, with your current group selected. From here to you can add a ToDo list. You create individual to do entries and select the priority status. Those that are of high priority will be highlighted. You can add as many tasks as you like.
  • To add another group, click ALL to be able to navigate the top menu, and then click Create Group. Follow the same procedure as before. Instead of adding ToDo list, select another option like Add Task so you can see another dialog box and other options.
  • If you have dependencies, like waiting for someone to finish his task before you can start yours, you can do that by creating two new groups, and name it “Contact” and “The Project”. Add a name in the contact group and in The Project Group add a few tasks.
  • The screen will show all your entries in different colors in hierarchical order. You can highlight the task under The Project to show that you are waiting for that task by right clicking on it and selecting an option from the dialog box. That particular task will be highlighted in yellow.
  • You can turn off the view of other items that you have entered and only show the task that you are waiting for by deselecting the “Show active items” and the “Show completed items” from the top menu bar.
  • Hovering your mouse over an item will show you a tip like shortcut keys if it is available.

You can also check the help file for more information on the use of the available tools of the software program as well as tips on how to easily perform a task.


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