How To Watch Surfing Videos Online

Reading articles about surfing and looking at cool pictures are great. There are many magazines and books dedicated in providing first-hand information for those who love surfing and even for those who want to start this hobby.

Watching surfing videos is another thing. If you want to actually see where the action is, like you are there when it happens, online videos are a great source of learning and entertainment.

Here's how to find surfing videos online:

  • - This is a surfing magazine style website, packed with not just pictures and articles but videos as well. You can find surfing tips if you are a neophyte and competition information if you are ready to unleash your surfing abilities. In addition, you can upload your very own video as they will be adding this feature soon.
  • - This is basically a travel website but contains some videos about surfing. If you want to share your surfing experience from one of your trips, you can do it by blogging, v-logging or uploading a video clip containing you surfing in action. To use these services, all you need to do is sign up for free.
  • - This website provides a lot of online videos about surfing from different locations all around the world and the videos are updated every day. You can read articles on surf news, surf maps, forecast, surfing 101 and you can watch live surf cams. They also have an online surf store. There is a membership fee for premium or registered member which entitles you to use all the service features of the website including discount perks.
  • - This website lets you watch their video collections in just one click. There is no need for you to sign up if your only purpose is to watch online videos about surfing. The videos uploaded to this site are arranged according to dates added—from newest to oldest. You can also sort their videos by clicking "Most Viewed" or "Most Commented" or if you have plenty of time on your hands, you can watch the videos in alphabetical order.
  • - This is for surfing enthusiasts who want to wade through a collection of videos that also give recognition to some of the world's best female surfers, this website is for you. Yearly, they give special awards to exceptional individuals in the field of surfing. You can also participate in their poll. This is not just a video site, it is a community.
  • - This website is sponsored by Red Bull and most of the videos that you can watch as surfers catch a wave are taken in Tahiti, Hawaii and other popular surfing destinations. You can also find info on events hosted by Red Bull.
  • - This video index is directed towards the world of surfing. In watching a video, you can directly watch the surf spot of your choice anytime and for free. If you want to share your surfing experience by uploading your own clip, you can do so. You only need to sign up to become a member. Membership is free.


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