Iomega System Backup Software

Iomega Systems is a leading hardware and software brand for all your computer data storage needs. Its products include desktop and portable hard drives, multimedia drives, removable storage and data recovery systems. One of Iomega’s main strengths would be its portable and removable storage drives, which give users capability to store large files without sacrificing disk space on their hard drives. Iomega REV disks have more than adequate storage capacity, such as its REV 35gig backup drive and the REV 70gig disk. 

Iomega systems also boasts of its Iomega backup software, with features such as ability to back up Operating Systems files and its EMC Retrospect Data Backup for Windows Operating Systems and for Mac. You can also preselect files and folders for automatic save, through its automatic backup software. Models include EMC Retrospect for Mac 8, EMC Retrospect Express, EMC Retrospect Express HD and EMC Retrospect HD for Windows.

EMC Retrospect is great for protecting your critical and sensitive data to fully guarantee that your files are indeed secure. Available features include ease of maintenance and state of the art offsite backup software capabilities. Other features include ability to restore a file or the complete data of an entire PC in a set time frame, and the ability to compress the backup files for maximum use of space. It has a flexible backup setting so you can personally control backup schedules, and a SimpleCrypt application so you could protect your files with your password.

Its systems requirements for its Window backup software are Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 with an Iomega Zip, Peerless or Jaz drive. You could download this auto backup software at websites such as or at; its file size is 5.05 MB. Order online, (either for Windows or Mac) at prices ranging from $142 to $2,385 for Multi-Servers. You could also opt to purchase add-ons for more powerful and efficient data storage solutions. Its additional offered features include disaster recovery, advanced tape support, and annual IT support and maintenance. Prices for the add-ons range from $427 to $4,486. You could also purchase their EMC Retrospect 7.6 for Media Kit DVD (available in different languages) at about $7. For more information on the Iomega EMC Retrospect software you could visit their website at

For emergency data recovery, know that Iomega Systems also offers to retrieve data from all media, such as laptop or desktop hard drives, CDs and DVDs and the like. There won’t be any charge if they are not able to retrieve your data. For more information on this service, go to

These are just some of the things you need to remember if you’re looking into your data storage and backup options. So whether you want to preserve photo files of your family outing, or if you want to take additional steps to protect your business files and program applications, definitely one of the best ways you can accomplish this would be to install Iomega System Backup Software. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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