How To Understand Laptop Repair Tools

Repairing laptop

If you need laptop repair tools because of your broken laptop and you don't want to pay for laptop service, here are laptop repair tools used for repairing the hardware of the laptop:

  • Cooper de-soldering wire - This is the highest solder wire available in the market. It features a NO clean solder wire and is cored with premium no-clean flux, which is why it is ideal for your prototyping needs.
  • Solder sucker desoldering tool - This is hand operated with high quality materials. This is used to remove solder from circuit board assemblies during repair work.
  • Fluke digital multimeter - A multimeter is used to measure plenty of numerical values. This is a portable, intelligent, convenient multimeter.
  • HS-493 ESD smoke absorber - Since repairing laptops on a soldering station creates smoke and could be toxigenic, the HS-493 EST smoke absorber will make an effort to keep you healthy by absorbing the smoke produced during soldering.
  • BGA rework system - This uses fast USB data streaming and control for all machine features and processes. This system has become the most economic system used for notebook repair, monitor repairs and LCD repairs.

These are actually more sophisticated repair tools that one can use for repairing laptops. You can actually put together an affordable laptop repair tool kit and get the basic tools you would need. Whether you are using Dell, HP, Sony, etc., these are some of the affordable tool kits that you can buy in the market:

Cables TO GO 21-Piece Computer tool kit - This tool kit is excellent for repairing any computer jobs, whether it is in your office or at home. The price for this repair tool ranges from $21-$28. The kit includes the following essentials:

  • 3x Claw part holder
  • Flat Screwdrivers
  • No.0 and No.1 Phillips Screwdriver
  • 25W Soldering iron
  • Solder reel
  • Spare parts Tube 6 inches
  • Adjustable Crescent wrench
  • And a lot more

Startech P.C. Service KIT/C.S.A. Soldering Iron - This tool kit provides everything you need for basic laptop/computer repairs. This is designed for use in the office or by computer service people. Prices range from $28-$34.

68 Piece Computer tool kit - this could manage to repair nearly any computer. It comes complete with a soldering iron, antistatic wrist strap and 31-piece socket set.

You can find these tools kits anywhere in the United States, from Seattle, Las Vegas to New York. And you can even order them online.

Since laptops are becoming widely popular and widely used, learning to repair your laptops and learning about what laptop repair tools are available in the market can really help you. If you are equipped with the right laptop repair tools and the correct knowledge, laptop repair is not as hard as you may think it is.


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