How To Repair LCD Monitors

Repairing LCD

An LCD monitor or a Liquid Crystal Display monitor is used to display moving pictures or text. LCD panels are used everywhere. You can see them on television, computers, and other electronic devices and tools. An LCD monitor has a low energy consumption that is why it is the wisest type of monitor to use. In case you damage your LCD monitor, you do not have to take it to a monitor repair shop right away. You can search for LCD monitor repair guides online so that you can try to fix it without spending money. If you cannot fix it using the repair guides, then it is time to take it to a repair shop.

Here are some websites where you can find LCD monitor repair guides and tips:

  1. – Tech Support Forums is a website where you can ask questions and post your problems about different technical equipment on the forums. You can wait for other users to respond to your post if they have suggestions on how you can fix your LCD monitor.  All you have to do to post on the website is register for a free account and post your questions and concerns on the forum. You can also answer questions from the other users if you wish.
  2. - This is a web page that is dedicated to repairing an LCD monitor for a computer or a laptop. There are monitor diagrams and pictures of a monitor circuit to act as a guide when you try to repair your LCD monitor. The LCD monitor repair that is discussed on this blog is for a problem where the LCD monitor shows nothing but a ripple-like pattern on the screen. Go to this web page and see how they solved this problem.
  3. This website offers a link where you can download an LCD Monitor Repair Guide. The repair guide tackles different problems, such as finding shorted components inside the monitor, repairing an LCD monitor that has a burned voltage transformer and electronic servicing.
  4. - This website offers repair notes on different computers and video monitors. You will be able to learn what to do when you have monitor problems. There is a section that is dedicated to monitor troubleshooting. You can read the topics and see if you can find the solution to your LCD monitor damage. Some of the topics covered are low voltage power supply problems, deflection problems, high voltage power supply problems and video problems.

These are some of the websites that offer LCD monitor repair guides, tips and instructions. If you’re LCD monitor problem is common, you may be able to find the solution to your problem on one of the websites. If you do not find the solutions to your problems, you can take your LCD monitor to the repair shop to see if it can be repaired. If you’re LCD monitor is beyond repair, you can sell the different parts of the monitor so that you can earn a little cash from the equipment.


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