How To Compare Monitor Stand Models

Forty years ago, computers as we knew them were large and bulky, fitting not into a desk or your bag, but a whole room! Now, however, personal computers and laptops are getting smaller and smaller by the day. However, most desk tables were never meant for computers. Table designs have been made not for typing on computers, but for writing and typewriters. This leads to several problems, especially if your job is computer-based. Height is a major issue here, especially if you’re either too tall or too short. Some tables are too short for you, so if you put a monitor on it, tall people will have to hunch or slouch, compromising posture and leading to scoliosis. However, if you’re too short, your computer monitor may need to be adjusted to a lower position. If not, you may experience neck and back pains. This is where a monitor stand comes along.

A monitor stand is a kind of adjustable stand riser that can be heightened or lowered depending on your preference. One type of monitor stand is a monitor arm. A monitor arm is an even more adjustable piece of periphery that can be moved up or down and left to right. Monitor arms are attached to walls or the table itself, while a monitor stand can be easily placed there. If you think you may need one of these products, then consult this article on models and suppliers in your area.

  1. Kensington. Kensington is a UK brand that successfully migrated to the US a few years ago. They offer different types of monitor stands for your comfort. Their flat stands and plasma stands are bestsellers and are equipped with their patented SmartFit technology. This technology allows you to get rid of all the ports and wires clogging up your desk, as they have holes where you can place them and clean up your room. They also have a monitor stand with a group of holes in the bottom where you can easily fit small and easy to lose office supplies like scissors or rolls of tape. Their arm stands, on the other hand, can be moved from one section to another and can be twisted so other people can see what you’re doing. The price range for a normal Kensington monitor arm or monitor stand is from $60 to $200 depending on the model and if it is a dual monitor stand.
  2. 3M™. 3M is a brand more associated with tape than with anything else. However, they’ve branched out to include most other office supplies. With the computer age, they’ve also included monitor stands and arms. Their monitor stands can keep your desk clean and organized, saving you desk space, as they have a small cabinet underneath the stand itself where you can put your supplies. Another thing about 3Ms monitor stands is that they adjust as much as 2 inches, so you get a comfortable viewing height without the strain.
  3. Allsop. Allsop Monitor stands and arms are more for laptops than anything else. Their notebook stands are easy to carry along with your notebook, so you can easily place it on a flat surface and start typing. This is good for people on the go or people doing fieldwork, as it gives them the ability to be comfortable and mobile at the same time.

Although most monitor stands are expensive, they can be a good addition to your desk or computer kit. However, it is suggested that you speak to a good orthopedist or your family doctor before buying them, as they can be quite expensive and you might as well invest in the right one for your body and work habits.


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