How To Know Popular Docking Station Models

A laptop or notebook have just a considerable number of USB or firewire ports for your typical usage, but there are different computer peripherals, such as printer, external ROM drive, Internet modem, external hard drive, scanner, speakers or head phones, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and monitor, mp3 player, or even your mobile device, that you might actually see the need to be connected to the laptop simultaneously. If you want to be able to use your laptop like your personal computer but still want to maintain and enjoy its mobility, then you can opt for a docking station.

There are several docking stations out in the market today, but here are a few of the top suggestions:

  1. HP USB Media
    This docking station is compatible with selected HP and Compaq laptops, which lets you connect different computer peripherals with just one cable. The package includes a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, and has a 3.5mm audio jack auxiliary cable so you can also use it as an mp3 dock or for you to be able to connect your CD player. It has 6 USB ports and multiple ports for audio and microphone, VGA and Ethernet. This also constitutes a 2.1 speaker system by Altec Lansing. This port station is available at a price of $212.49.
  2. HP Universal USB 2.0 Docking Station
    This is compatible with almost any laptop with up to 17 inch display, wherein you can connect up to four computer peripherals, and supports USB 2.0 interface, with you being able to use it as a charger even if your laptop is turned off. It is currently at a selling price of $84.99, and the package also includes a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse.
  3. Targus Universal Laptop Docking Station with Video ACP50US
    This product has "one touch" interface which allows you to easily connect any computer peripherals within a few seconds. It allows connects with just a single USB connection. It also provides you with an "always on" technology for you to be able to charge your peripherals on the USB port even if the laptop is turned off. This hot item is available at $149.99.
  4. Kensington Lift-Off Portable Notebook Computer Cooling Stand 60149
    Currently on sale at $16.99, this product serves as your laptop docking station and your cooling pad in one. It helps your notebook to run cooler for a longer time period with its tilted design to promote considerable airflow, and supports laptops up to 17 inches.

A docking station provides you the ease of use with the computer peripherals you can operate on your laptop, without the hassle of plugs and cables. Whatever docking station you will be investing on, make sure that you get the one which is compatible with your laptop or notebook. 


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