How To Use Software Tools for Civil Engineering

Using engineering software

There is a wide range of software tools used in civil engineering, structural engineering, design engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, transportation engineering, and architecture. The software for civil engineering is usually used to simulate, design, and analyze architectural structures like roads, bridges, and buildings. Civil engineering software usually includes element analysis, 3D or three dimensional modeling, and distribution schematics and equipment use.

Some software tools are made suitable for handling the administrative functions of engineering projects including the overall management of civil engineering budgets, costs, materials acquisition, and resource allocation. Some civil engineering software tools focus on the physical aspects and requirements of actual roads, bridges, and building construction.

Here are some companies or sites where you can source information about software tools that you can use in Civil engineering. Some companies offer courses, degrees, software materials, online tools, and articles to guide you and provide the information you need.

  1. Engineering Software Center is a useful search engine for software in the civil engineering field.
  2. Architectural Wall Systems, Inc. is a company that provides specialized software for the section properties calculation and the cladding industry.
  3. Archon Engineering Software has a selection of software programs for civil, mechanical, structural engineering analysis and design.
  4. CADS - Civil and Structural Engineering Software deals with software applications for design, analysis, and detailing for civil engineering.
  5. Creative Engineering is a civil engineering software program designed for Macintosh.
  6. Construction Sciences Research Foundation provides programs and guide specifications, like SPECTEXT, SPECTEXT II and CSRF OUTLINE.
  7. Construction Software Center has a large selection online programs that are free, including management, measurements, estimation tools, and scheduling for construction.
  8. Engineering Shareware and Freeware Programs provide engineering freeware and shareware and programs that include programs for drafting and modeling.
  9. Oasys Software offers packages for civil engineering software that includes a 32-bit Windows structural, concrete and geotechnical finite element analysis.
  10. Integer is an independent software house that specializes in construction industry application software for reinforced concrete, structural steelwork, and bridge design.
  11. SCIA-Online specializes in software for the construction industry.
  12. Soft Tech Engineers offers construction cost and information management and CAD applications for civil engineering.
  13. TDV Austria is an engineering consulting firm and produces software for technical data processing. It develops application software used in civil engineering.
  14. XcalcS provide online tools used in structural design of plates, and beams.

An awareness of the various software tools you can use in Civil engineering can help you develop better skills as a civil engineer. You can master using civil software for engineering design to map the various elements required to measure spans, photograph landmarks, and change effectors of terrain in bridge building. You can enhance your knowledge in using software in visualize highways, building roads, predicting traffic flow, producing traffic and street-lighting schematics, and determining lane requirements.

Feel free to study the articles and available course outlines, degree courses offered, freeware and shareware software features, and online free trial versions of as many tools available for structural engineering, design engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, and transportation engineering. 


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