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To hone your talent in fashion design, you need to constantly practice your craft.  You also have to expose yourself to the different styles of various designers to add to your own fashion ideas. Nowadays there are new design tools you can use to develop your designing abilities - for example, fashion design software can help you take your designs to the next level. 

You don’t really have to ditch your design ideas to solely rely on this software for its major aim is merely to help you bring your designs to life more easily. 

From CAD design software to Fashion Toolbox, here are the types of software used in fashion design:

  1. CAD (Computer Assisted Design) software. This software is very popular. With this program, you can create virtual representations of your designs by “dressing up” mock up models with different designs. The CAD design software is very useful when you are trying to test how your designs will look when actually worn.
  2. Pattern-making software. If you are just starting with fashion design and you want to test your patterns against varying designs and materials, you can make use of pattern-making software. It is an ideal software for beginners because it is less complicated and doesn’t cost as much as CAD software.
  3. Product Development Management software (PDM) is suited for fashion designers who want to move ahead with their craft. If you are thinking of developing your own line of clothing and be involved with other features of fashion design such as promotion, sales and marketing, PDM software is for you.
  4. Software on Embroidery Design. You can use this software if you wish to delve on producing special patterns like embroidery designs, exclusive monograms and badges and other customized designs.
  5. OptiTex software. One unique feature of this software is its 3-D Runway Designer. With this feature, you can construct a fashion show, albeit a virtual one. Through this virtual fashion show you will be able to observe how your designs will look when actually worn. You can also analyze the movements of your textile with certain designs. Another feature of OptiTex is Direct Converters, which you can use to apply assorted layouts into the software and later transfer to CAD for a simpler finish. Aside from these features mentioned, OptiTex is more intricate and lets you explore curves through digitizing.
  6. Fashion Toolbox. Just like CAD, fashion toolbox software is one of the most widely used programs. With its TexMapper, you can construct pictures of your design that look like real. The Design Essentials feature of this software, which is a posh version of the CAD system, allows you to use storyboards and tools for layout, which are not available in other programs.

If you want to take a step further in this field, you can search for fashion schools online or attain education from fashion marketing colleges.


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