How To Know Different Types of Printer Paper

If you go to your local department store or office supply store you will notice there are many types of printer paper for you to choose from in various sizes, colors and prices.

A matte paper is a type of paper that has a white coating and dries quickly, this type of paper is best if you need paper for everyday use.

Glossy paper absorbs ink with it's glossy finish. If you want to print photos, this would be the right paper selection for you.

If you have an inkjet printer you will have the ability to print all types of paper. If you are planning to print in color, a coated paper is what you will want to purchase.

Laser paper you would need if you are planning to print checks, address labels or mailing labels.

If you choose to print photos from your computer due to the high cost of taking the film to your local store or even for the convenience of printing it right from your home printer, photo paper will help you obtain what you are looking for in a high quality photo print. Photo paper is available in a gloss finish so it makes your picture stand out just like taking it to your local department store or photo shop. You will want to check with your local department store or wherever you will be purchasing your photo paper at to see what sizes are available.

Contrast plays a major role in the paper that you will choose. All paper has a brightness rating that you will want to look for, usually the range is between 80-100, the higher the number the brighter the paper will be.

When purchasing your paper you will most frequently find it in a ream, which is usually 500 sheets of paper. You may be able to find your type of paper you are looking for in various quantities. A purchase option may be a few sheets or even by the case, you can check with your local store and see what your options are.

With many types of printer paper all with different uses, choosing from so many types of paper might be a chore but when you are finished you will be pleased. By looking around at the different department stores and office supply stores and asking questions you will find what you are looking for.


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