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The most efficient and best means of communicating across the globe is through Internet Video Phone technology. Currently, digital phones are not just used as mobile phones, music phones, and broadband phones, they are used as video phones as well. Video telephony is the latest in audio-visual communication technology that allows people in a phone conversation to see each other. Though Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with video phones has long been used for video conferencing, it has only been used mostly in businesses. Recently, video phone technology has become available for personal use.

If you have an Internet video phone, you can make unlimited long-distance calls, by simply making use of your Internet connection at no added cost. You can create, view, edit documents, exchange files, leave voice mails, make direct calls and hold video conferences in real-time with other users anywhere in the world. If you have web links, you can add to your home page a direct voice link, or even call others, when you browse their home page.

Most video phone service providers guarantee the highest quality of delay-free audio and full motion video transmissions over any cable or DSL broadband Internet connection. The video digital phone equipment is user friendly and easy to set-up. Depending on the kind of phone you purchase, the following are added as multimedia features and benefits:

  1. Free video phone service
  2. Easy connection to a television set or projector to watch video on a bigger screen
  3. Voice-activation features
  4. Compatibility with various platforms like IBM, Mac, Windows
  5. Compressed speech to support real-time conversations
  6. Available online help
  7. Easy to use graphical interface with interactive displays
  8. Updated lists of users that are on-line running Internet phones
  9. The capability to create topics or join conversations with people anywhere
  10. Support for private conversations with selected people

Some video phones do not require a PC to be activated. You just need a DSL or cable broadband Internet connection. For those that require PC connections, the minimum requirements may include:

  • 486SX PC - 25 MHZ
  • 8MB RAM
  • An Internet compatible TCP\IP minimum connection
  • Windows 3.1 and a sound card compatible with Windows

To set up your video phone, you do not need technical expertise. The installation process takes less than 15 minutes to do the following:

  1. Read the installation instructions for the video phone you purchased, taking note of specific instructions you need to follow.
  2. Set-up your VoIP connection depending on the required settings.
  3. Connect the LAN port of the video phone to your Internet router or broadband modem using an Ethernet cable.
  4. Plug the provided power adapter to the nearest power outlet. The video phone should always be plugged in an outlet for the phone to function.
  5. Turn on the video phone and wait for the display on the start up screen.
  6. Download updates for new firmware and added features. Some updates may download automatically as your unit is turned on.
  7. Listen for a dial tone using the video phone receiver. If you hear a dial tone, the installation is complete.
  8. Dial the number to make a video call.

Traditional landline phone companies are slowly losing their services to mobile phone, music phone, broadband phone, digital phone users and now video phones. With Skype, AOL, Yahoo, and other providers also offering video calling services, soon, aside from video conferencing, video call mailboxes and live video operators will also be made available.


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