What is a Firewire-to-USB Adapter

Two of the highly-reliable high-speed bus devices are the firewire and the USB. They are also vastly used in the computer industry, particularly in the field of consumer electronic goods.

The firewire is technically known as IEEE 1394. As a hub, it can support  a data transfer rate between 400 and 800 mbps. The data transfer rate entirely depends on the firewire standards. On the other hand, as a single port, it can accommodate up to 63 devices. It can permit each connected device to perform in an ideal speed. If your audio and video systems prompt you to operate on real-time, use a firewire. It can also aid in running your storage area network. Likewise, you can use it for external gadgets like your DV camera recorders, your hard disks, and your DVD writers and burners.

Although, a universal serial bus, or a USB, can hold on up to 127 devices, its data transfer rate is only limited to 12 mbps. It is basically useful in operating standard peripherals like the mouse, the modem, and the keyboard. It is also a suitable choice for other input devices that require low bandwidth. Once used, it provides and optimizes your computer’s speed. Comparatively, a USB 2.0 can measure up with a firewire. It can support speed rate of up to 480 mbps. In 2008, USB 3.0 was introduced to the market. Its transfer rate was 10 times that of its predecessor.

Combining your firewire with your USB adapter can give you a lot of advantages. Unfortunately, there is no such a thing as a firewire-to-USB adapter. It can never really exist since a firewire and a USB are operating on entirely different and distinct technologies. Also, firewire and USB began as competitors. They were both known as essential gadgets in establishing electronic connections. They even raised the bars when they both improved their data transfer rate capacities. Apparently, through the years, the need of creating an adapter for the two devices has grown.

Even though the two devices are not conveniently integrated, here are some alternatives in connecting a firewire to a USB adapter:

Look for a dual firewire/USB hub. A dula firewire/USB hub is a hybrid model. Several companies are already selling and distributing it. It has two ports in a single hub. Its port can be either external or internal. One port is allotted for the firewire while the other is reserved for the USB. The two-port provision allows the two devices to function simultaneously. Your firewire or your USB is not converted or affected when you decide to use one of the two ports. In other words, the two-port provision anchors on a common network that is compatible to both firewire and USB technologies.

Add two separate cards
. If a dual firewire/USB hub is difficult to source, you may opt to buy two separate cards. However, make sure that your computer can accommodate two slots. Adding another card should not be very expensive. Market trends indicate that the prices of firewire and USB cards are now more affordable.
With these practical two options, your problem of finding a firewire-to-USB cable should be addressed.


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