How To Understand Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting allows businesses and individuals to lease a dedicated server that is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment with pre-configured settings and connectivity from a service provider. Instead of sharing server space with others on a server, you can lease an entire dedicated server for your own use. What this means is that you get unlimited bandwidth, free web space, and the opportunity to start your own host reseller business.

When you have your own dedicated server, you have the capability to completely control your Internet presence. You can easily customize settings for your e-commerce and multimedia requirements, and decide which software and operating system you want to use. A dedicated server is a smart choice if you like using custom software or would like enhanced server control without making a large up-front investment, needed before purchasing your own server.

Getting dedicated web hosting is also an ideal solution for online users with complex needs because it allows you to use more sophisticated applications like streaming media, databases, and top of the line email solutions. You can even host multiple sites on your machine, with unlimited bandwidth. To provide for all your sophisticated needs, a dedicated server usually has 24/7 monitoring and network availability, and has state of the art network connections.

One of the major benefits to getting dedicated web hosting is that somebody else actually owns the dedicated server, which means that all the maintenance expenses are handled by them. If the connection fails or there is a problem with the hardware component, your web hosting provider is responsible for fixing these at no extra cost to you. Another advantage of this service is that the dedicated web hosting creates a custom-designed service for every client, you can select your own disk space requirements, CPU speed, and other necessary hardware components. This lets you get the highest return on investment possible because you only get the hardware you need.

Due to all these useful features, you can easily control your own hosting environment and gain access to very reliable pathways to content distribution. More control, however, will require more responsibility from your end. To make the most out of your dedicated server, and to properly maintain it, you will need competency and experience in server administration and IT. If you already have the experience then you have nothing to worry about, but a newbie will have to invest more time and resources than if they got a shared server. Naturally, getting a dedicated server will also cost more than a shared server.

However, dedicated servers are also affordable. When you get dedicated web hosting, you are charged a single monthly fee if you are a web developer, content distributor, or e-commerce operator. The fees range from $99 to $2,000 a month, depending on the web host, the features, the technical support required, and the hardware needed. If you are a small or medium sized e-commerce entrepreneur, dedicated web hosting is the ideal solution for your business needs.


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