How To Find User Reviews for Notebook Computers

Notebook computers, also known as a laptop notebooks or simply laptops, are considered to be very practical, affordable and portable alternatives to desktop computers. They are generally lightweight (weighing less than 6 pounds, and getting smaller with the proliferation of mini notebooks) and yet are being constantly developed for more memory capacity and application capabilities. That’s why buyers are generally opting for notebook computers over the standard desktop models.

If you are on the lookout for a notebook computer, it definitely pays to get to know how different models and brands compare. You definitely want to get the best value for your money, so take your time to do research.

Before starting out your research, however, make sure that you know the different factors and points of comparison when it comes to notebook computer features. Some of these factors include the total size of the laptop notebook, the size of the computer screen, the battery life, its upgradability, the hard drive capacity, the operating systems and programs it supports (for example, mini notebooks are generally more suited for internet and emailing applications and typical office applications, rather than heavy programming), its weight, the cost and availability of its computer parts, and of course, its price. You should also factor in your general purposes for using your laptop. For example, whether you are intending to use it as a gaming laptop, an office laptop, or primarily to aid your research and communication duties.

Here are some places that you will find user reviews for notebook computers in order to help you find the best quality notebook computer for your needs:

1. Online sources. Perhaps your major source of information will come from technology websites. There are so many of these websites, such as, which give you information on comparisons of the most popular laptops, in-depth reviews of virtually all makes, brands and models of laptops available in the market today, and some tips on how to purchase the best laptop according to your specific preferences (for example, you could customize your search according to laptop type, weight, processor, screen size and price). There are also accompanying articles that may help you acquire fundamental knowledge on what to look out for when purchasing a laptop.

Another useful website is, which categorizes laptops as “best” “worst”, and “cheap”. It offers comprehensive article reviews along with point-by-point comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the reviewed laptop. It also supplies a useful laptop buying guide that is worth taking the time to study.

Other useful, relevant websites include, a very user-friendly website hosted by yahoo;, (which also showcases laptops on sale);, and

2. Technology magazines. Another way to find user reviews would be to subscribe to technology magazines. Generally, these technology magazines give in-depth reviews about laptop (and other gadgets) highlighted for that season.

3. Recommendations from friends. If you have a friend or an acquaintance that qualifies as a computer geek, why not enlist his assistance? He would definitely be happy to share his expertise. The firsthand, personalized recommendations he would give will definitely help you put all the user reviews and laptop article information into the context of your own needs and situation.

Remember, before you go inside a computer store and ask for help from a salesperson (whose primary interest is to make a sale), you have to make sure you are armed with enough information that will either help you determine the exact brand, model and specifications of the laptop you want to purchase, or enable you to ask intelligent questions to the salesperson that will help you get that perfect laptop for your needs. So good luck, and have a good time shopping!


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