How To Order a Valid Birth Certificate

Registered birth certificate

Getting your birth certificate from your local government office can be a hassle, especially if you don't have the time and patience to wait in line in order to get your birth certificate. Because of improvements in technology, it is now easy to get a valid copy of your birth certificate online. There are a lot of legitimate websites that offer to deliver your birth certificate right to your doorstep. You are charged a fee for their services, but the time that it takes to order your certificate is just a few minutes.

Here's how to access some of the websites where you can order a valid birth certificate:

  1. usbirthcertificate - This is a legitimate birth certificate expediting company. There are some states where they cannot process a birth certificate. Be sure to check the list of states that they cater to. You can place an order for your birth certificate through the Internet, a fax machine or through e-mail. The fees that you have to pay are the website's fee of $69 and the delivery and processing fee for your location, which can range from $25 to $69.
  2. usabirthcertificatebureau - This birth certificate website has been online since 1998. You can order a birth certificate on this website if you need one for your marriage license, adoption records, divorce certification or for your driver's license. Not only does this site offer birth certificates, you can also obtain other vital records, such as marriage certificates, divorce certificates and death certificates. The website fulfills requests for all the 50 states. The state fees depend on your location. It can range anywhere from $22 to $69 and the fee for using the website is $49.
  3. usbirthcertificate - This website also caters to all the 50 states. In order to know the fees in getting the birth certificate, you have to select your state. You will then have to fill out a request form containing some vital statistics. Be sure to fill out every information field on the form. In order for your order to be processed, you have to fax your request form to them. You can make sure that your fax gets to them by calling their fax verification department. You can get you birth certificate after just a few days of ordering.
  4. - This website offers order services for birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records and divorce records that are lost. They have access to records from over 300 agencies and deliver your records within a week. This website is known as one of the leading sources for vital records that are certified by the government. The fees that are applied to your order are the state fee, the website's processing fee and the shipping fee. How much you are going to pay depends on your state and location.

These are some of the legitimate online websites where you can order your birth certificate. Upon arrival of your birth certificate, make sure that the documents are complete and really yours. Also, the birth certificate must have a government seal.


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