How To Compare Buying or Renting a Cable Modem

Choosing cable access as the doorway to the Internet from your home and office requires having a cable modem. Some service providers offer purchase and rental of cable internet modems. So should you buy or just rent the device? Here's help on how to decide.
1. Spend about 100 dollars in procuring a new cable modem from your chosen cable company.

Buying from the service provider would mean paying more than the commercial retail price for that cable modem. Don’t fret, because you might also be receiving a service warranty such as discounted or free repair services and if you’re lucky enough, a replacement is offered in case the cable modem fails to work.

2. Spend about 2 to 6 dollars per month for the cable modem rental.

Aside from the rental fee which will be visible in the monthly cable internet bill, you have to spend a one-time activation fee or modem handling fee of around $180

One benefit of renting is that if something happens to the modem, you can easily find your way to get a replacement. If you’re fortunate enough, they will repair it at no cost. In nearly all cases, modems stop working due to the malfunction in the modem itself and not because of outside factors. Consequently, the company will cover the substitute. So, even if you ruin the modem, at least you didn't pay the whole price.

To expand on the subject of cable modem failures here are some issues:

1. If you bought your cable modem and own it, you are principally accountable for repairing and replacing the modem, and of course that means more out of your budget.

We all know that lots of electronic devices, including cable modems, can break down or simply malfunction with little or no warning at all. Unless your cable provider guaranteed free service or replacement, you will find yourself purchasing a new modem. Much worse, you will be paying for an Internet connection that you can't access during the period your modem is being repaired.

2. There are numerous factors affecting the lifespan of a modem.

One large factor is electrical surges coming all the way through the cable or the power supply. It depends on how the modem has been handled. So it can be said that the life span of one modem could last almost a lifetime, while the functionality of another modem could expire in a month.

With all things being equal, renting seems to be the better option. You'll spend a few dollars per month to enjoy the modem that can easily be substituted at little cost. Plus when you are not satisfied with your internet service provider, you can return the modem and apply for service from another company.


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