ntdll.dbgUserBreakPoint (another fix)

How to eliminate those annoying ntdll.dbgUserBreakPoints

PatchINT3 is based on code from Pete Morris

Add this procedure to your unit, and also the initialisation

section below. At runtime, the offending INT3 will be replaced

by a NOP instruction.

procedure PatchINT3;


    NOP : Byte;

    BytesWritten : DWORD;

    NtDll : THandle;

    P : Pointer;


    if Win32Platform <> VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT then


    NtDll := GetModuleHandle('NTDLL.DLL');

    if NtDll = 0 then


    P := GetProcAddress(NtDll, 'DbgBreakPoint');

    if P = nil then



        if Char(P^) <> #$CC then


        NOP := $90;

        if WriteProcessMemory(GetCurrentProcess, P, @NOP, 1,

                              BytesWritten) and

           (BytesWritten = 1) then

            FlushInstructionCache(GetCurrentProcess, P, 1);


        //Do not panic if you see an EAccessViolation here,

        // it is perfectly harmless!

        on EAccessViolation do ;

        else raise;






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