Create a control by name

How to create a control when only given the classname of the control.

First the class needs to be registered, this is done in the initialization section.


Then we find the class object (classes are objects too) for the control, and check that it is in fact a TControl.

  CClass := FindClass('TEdit');

  Assert(CClass <> nil);


Finally we cast the class as a TControlClass (in order to call the correct constructor) and call Create.

  C := TControl(TControlClass(CClass).Create(Self));

The full code is below.

function CreateControlByClassName(const AClassName: string;

  AOwner: TComponent): TControl;


  CClass: TClass;


  CClass := FindClass(AClassName);

  Assert(CClass <> nil);


  Result := TControl(TControlClass(CClass).Create(AOwner));






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