Microsoft Visual Studio .NET: A View From Across The Fence

In this new column, Steve Scott gives a personal opinion on Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET

Being given the chance to write about Microsoft Visual Studio in a magazine read by often fanatical Delphi developers could be viewed as either a wonderful opportunity or a poisoned chalice. As I write this sentence I have not yet decided which I think it is. I have always held the view that, as a developer, I will use the best tool for the job. Over the past six years that has almost always been Delphi. It's a great testimony to our beloved development tool that, even when trying to implement new Microsoft technologies such as COM, MTS, ASP and ISAPI, etc, we have still been able to say quite honestly that we were using the best tool. So, with Visual Studio 7, or as it is now named Visual Studio.NET (VS.NET), clearly on the horizon are we going to be able to continue in this vein?

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