Review: Bold For Delphi

Julian Templeman evaluate's BoldSoft's add-on for Delphi programmers who want to design proper OO code using UML. If you want to know what OO modelling can do for you, read on.

BoldSoft are a small software house based in Stockholm, who produce an innovative add-on for Delphi programmers who want to design proper object oriented code using UML. Their product recently gained Software Development's Productivity Award, and it is being used in the Swedish and French parliaments, US government departments, the Swiss tax authorities and the Swedish TV network, among others.

Now, before I start, let me confess that I'm not really a Delphi programmer at all. I'm a C++ and Java developer, who has sneaked into this review under the guise of being heavily into OO design with UML. I did several reviews of OO design tools for the late, lamented, Developers Review, so the Editor asked me to review BoldSoft's product from the point of view of an OO developer rather than a Delphi programmer. So, if this review seems light on Delphi- specific details, you'll know why!

And before we start, here's the disclaimer. Bold for Delphi is a complex and fully-featured product, and a review such as this can only scratch the surface, and try to give you a flavour of what Bold is and what it can do.

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