Getting a filesize

GetFileSize provides no way to turn a filesize into a descriptive string, this algorithm does

function GetAFileSize(SizeInBytes: Integer): String;


  Preffixes: array[0..3] of String = //Common file sizes preffixes

   (' Bytes', ' KB', 'MB', ' GB'); //Change if you want to anything that suits

  FormatSpecifier: array[Boolean] of String =

   ('%n', '%.2n'); //the way we format the string;


  i: integer; //A counter

  TmpSize: Real; //A temporary variable


  i := -1; //Avoid compiler complain

  tmpSize := SizeInBytes; //Avoid compiler complain

  while (i <= 3) do //Main cycle it is done while i < High(Preffixes) but since

                    // a file will rarely pass a GB up to 3


    TmpSize := TmpSize / 1024; //1 MB = 1024 KB, 1 KB = 1024 Bytes, 1 Byte = 8 Bits, 1 bit = nothing

    inc( i ); //increment counter and select preffix string

    if Trunc( TmpSize )= 0 then //we reached a maximum nuber of divisions so


      TmpSize := TmpSize * 1024; //Tmpsize was divided 1 time more than necessary

      Break; //Exit of loop;



  //Actual formatting routine

  Result := Format(FormatSpecifier[((Frac(TmpSize)*10) >1)], [TmpSize]) + Preffixes[i];


Notes of interest:

  * These algorithm relies on delphi native format function, wich kind of limits it

  * It isnot part of windows api, you have to copy and paste it whenever you use it

  * Unlike windows api it has correct rounding and can be extended


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